Obama Looking Forward to Visiting Jamaica

Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States of America, Stephen Vasciannie, says US President Barack Obama is looking forward to his historic visit to Jamaica in April.

Obama is due to arrive in Kingston on April 9 where he’ll meet with at least 14 Caribbean Heads of Government.

Speaking this afternoon to our news center from the US Capital Washington DC, Ambassador Vasciannie said Obama is anticipating his trip to Jamaica.

Ambassador Vascianne says the Jamaica Embassy in Washington is now leading the way in coordinating with 14 embassies in the US which represent the Caribbean countries whose Prime Ministers will have discussions with Obama.

Nationwide News sources say Ambassador Vasciannie worked hard to have the US President make what will be a historic visit to Kingston.

He says it was a result of teamwork which is still underway.

Ambassador Vasciannie says President Obama’s pending visit has deep historic significance.