OCG wants Police to Launch Criminal Investigation into Ian Hayles, his wife & Mother

Contractor General, Dirk Harrison, has recommended that the police launch a criminal investigation into West Hanover MP and former State Minister, the PNP’s Ian Hayles.

The police are also being asked to investigate Mr. Hayles’ wife, Charlotte Alexander-Hayles and his mother, Pauline Gray.

The referral of Hayles to the police is contained in a 232-page report prepared by the Office of the Contractor General.

The report has been obtained by Nationwide News. Mr. Hayles has been trying to get the court to grant him an injunction barring it from being tabled in Parliament.

Ian Hayles has found himself in trouble with the country’s leading anti-corruption agency in connection with the building of a plaza in Orange Bay, Hanover.

The Contractor General report says the Plaza which is called – ‘Just One Plaza’, was built by a company which is owned by Mr. Hayles’s Mother, Pauline Gray and his step-daughter.

According to the OCG, the company was set up on the direction of Mr. Hayles’s wife, Charlotte.

Dirk Harrison’s office has found that the Plaza was built without a planning and building permit being obtained from the Hanover Parish Council.

The OCG has concluded that the work on the plaza continued in “wanton disregard for a cease and desist order from the Parish Council”.

Mr. Harrison has recommended that the Parish Council Act be used to sanction Hayles and his associates for unlawful building.

The Contractor General says the law allows for consideration to be given to demolishing the plaza.

Mr. Hayles has also found himself in trouble over the building of a resort at Cousins Cove in Hanover.

The OCG says Hayles submitted to his office an unsigned copy of a document which suggested that the Hanover Parish Council had given permission for the Cousins Cove project to go ahead

But the OCG says it has found that the document was invalid because it did not have the signature of an officer of the parish council.

The OCG says Mr. Hayles’s wife had also submitted to the Hanover Parish Council a Sketch Plan and Surveyor Certificate in relation to Cousins Cove’.

The plan and certificate purported to have the signature of a Land Surveyor, Andrew Bromfield.

But the land surveyor told the OCG that he did not sign the document and that it contained a stamp which he no longer uses.

The Contractor General has found that “the surveyor ID report was requested by and directed to Ian Hayles.”

Mr. Harrison has asked the Acting-Police Commissioner to launch a criminal investigation of the West Hanover MP and his wife.

On Page 209 of his report the Contractor General says this recommendation has been made on the basis of prima facie evidence of a breach of the Forgery Act.

The Contractor General has also asked the Police to probe Hayles and his wife in relation to conspiracy to defraud the Hanover Parish Council.

The OCG has also asked the Police to investigate Hayles for breach of the Corruption Prevention Act.

This recommendation has been made after former Lucea Mayor, Shernette Haughton, testified before the Contractor General that Hayles attempted to unduly influence her to sign documents regarding his property plans.

Mr. Harrison says this represents a purported breach of section 14 of the Corruption Prevention Act.

And, the Office of the Contractor General is now recommending that the Ministry of Local Government and the administration of all parish councils conduct an audit or verification process.

This, with a view to regularize and enforce sanctions against developments which have been constructed in breach of the relevant legislation, protocols, guidelines and regulations.

This is among six recommendations the Dirk Harrison-led OCG has made in its report.

It’ also recommended that all parish councils and local authorities prepare an ‘Affidavit of Service’ or a record system to store information on the issuance of stop orders.

It’s recommended that this is to be mandatory.

The OCG is also urging state agencies to apply greater scrutiny and diligence in verification exercises to determine the authenticity and credibility of tendered documents.

It says this may help to reduce the incidence of forged documents and/or incomplete documents being accepted as valid and true.

The OCG says this may further serve to reduce the susceptibility of state agencies to the commission of fraud by unscrupulous persons.

It’s also recommended that an accountability framework or guideline be developed for public officers involved in the approval and monitoring of building applications and permits.

It’s recommending that this framework details specific courses of action and associated timelines within which officers are to address identified irregularities.


4 thoughts on “OCG wants Police to Launch Criminal Investigation into Ian Hayles, his wife & Mother

  1. Jas

    Without wanting to take anything away from the merit of the case and the need for due process, I am however ,somewhat suspicious about the timing of Nationwide being presented with a copy of the report. Bearing in mind that the report has been with the Minister of Local Government -Minister McKenzie, since February -a fact he spoke of some weeks ago, yet conveniently on the day Peter Phillips was making is presentation on the budget, a copy was anonymously,posted to Nationwide and as a consequence ,Hayles, alleged criminal conduct become the news of the day for Nationwide rather than Peter Phillips response to the Budget. The sequence of event is such that a cynic would say that ,the document was timely given to Nationwide by the JLP, so as to divert the news from Peter Phillips critique of the Government Budget and onto Hayles.
    As I have said ,I have no objection to publicising Hayles alleged wrong doing but I am suspicious of its timing,which I do not believe was coincident.

    1. NeggyB

      While you could have a valid point, the fact that the report would have tabled in parliament today, providing that there was no injunction, would have poured cold water on your theory. You could also rebut and say that the JLP were banking on the report being tabled, so having learned that it would not, they then send a copy to Nationwide.
      I am happy that the story was reported as i was curious as to why the member from Western Hanover was asking all those questions of the PM in parliament. For the Opposition spokes person response to the Budget debate, was not news when you look at it, as most people knew what he was going to present. I am not taking away from you “Theory” thou, one love

  2. Jack Russell

    Interesting. HMC is long overdue a forensic audit. It appears to hav e been cavalier with its building approvals over the years and very slow on enforcement if the report is accurate.

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