Oliver Clue Walking from PNP

Councillor for the Harbour View Division, the PNP’s Oliver Clue, says he’ll be tendering his resignation today as Chairman of the party’s East Rural St Andrew constituency.

Mr. Clue says he’ll also be resigning from the party’s powerful National Executive Committee, NEC.

According to Mr. Clue, the PNP Secretariat disrespected him, when it rejected his application to participate in a selection exercise for the right to represent the constituency in the next general election.

That’s East Rural St. Andrew MP, Damion Crawford, addressing comrades on Sunday in his constituency.

Mr. Crawford’s trick seems to have wrong footed the Councillor for the Harbour View Division, Oliver Clue.

Mr. Clue says he had every intention to fill the vacancy that was to have been created by Mr. Crawford’s departure.

Mr. Clue, who was the MP for East Rural St. Andrew between 1993 and 2002, says he’s angry!

He says he feels disrespected after four decades as a loyal servant of the PNP.

Mr. Clue says he’ll not be leaving the political landscape.

He says he’s going to consult with members of his team.


Jevon is a Reporter/Producer/Presenter with NNN. He holds a BA in Mass Communication (Journalism: emphasis) from Northern Caribbean University (NCU).