Ombudsman to Intervene in Row between Education Minister & Belmont Academy Principal


Political Ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown, is investigating concerns the Principal of Belmont Academy, Rayon Simpson has breached the political code of conduct for comments made on social media.

According to Mrs. Parchment Brown, the concern was raised by Education Minister, Ruel Reid, in a letter to her earlier this month.

However, Mr. Simpson is denying the allegations and accusing the Minister of orchestrating a slander campaign against him.

Speaking with Nationwide News on Monday afternoon Mrs. Parchment Brown says the Education Minister raised concerns about Mr. Simpson’s utterances on social media in a letter dated February 5.

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Responding, Mr. Simpson says the correspondence suggests the Minister has registered a complaint about him as an educator whom he believes is involved in the political process.

Speaking to Nationwide News this afternoon, Mr. Simpson says he’s not aware of any conduct on his part that would be damaging to his profession as an educator.

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Mr. Simpson says he feels he’s come under increased intimidation over the past two years by Minister Reid and his agents. He alleges that a slander campaign has been launched against him.

Mr. Simpson says the attempt to write a complaint to the political ombudsman gives an indication of who is orchestrating the campaign. He says the action is beneath the office of the Minister of Education.

The Principal argues that any comments he made have been done in his capacity as both an educator and parent and that he has no political affiliation.

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Mr. Simpson was previously at loggerheads with Minister Reid in 2017 when as Principal of STATHS he instituted a policy of charging a $50 late fine in lieu of detention. The Education Minister declared the scheme illegal and in contravention of the Education Act. Attempts to contact the Education Minister today were unsuccessful.


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