Ombudsman Warns Against Abusing of Funds Ahead of SE St Mary

Ahead of the upcoming South East St. Mary by-election, Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown is warning against the abuse of public resources to support a political agenda.

She issued the warning during her visit to the constituency on Tuesday.

Mrs. Parchment Brown says concerns about the use of state funds were raised during her visit to the constituency offices of both parties.

She visited the offices in Annotto Bay in an effort to pre-empt issues between the two major parties.

The Political Ombudsman also met with officers at police stations in Castleton and Annotto Bay.

She’s asked the police to enforce the rule of law with zero tolerance.

Mrs. Parchment Brown says she’s urging anyone who notices anything that would impede a safe and just electoral process to report incidents to her for investigation.

She’s encouraging political parties, law enforcement and the citizenry to set the tone for a safe and fair conduct of the upcoming by-election.

She says her office is working to prevent problems.

The PNP’s Dr. Shane Alexis and the JLP’s Dr. Norman Dunn are the two candidates vying for the seat.