OPM Rejects Viral Video Account of Town Hall Exchange

The Office of the Prime Minister, OPM, is rejecting a video circulating on social media, using excerpts of Prime Minister Andrew Holness’s interaction with a young man at last week’s OPM Live Youth Forum.

The 3-minute video shows the President of the Love March Movement, Dr. Daniel Thomas, asking the Prime Minister to withdraw the National Identification, NIDS Bill, until there’s been full consultation.

It also shows Mr. Holness responding by saying he rejects the notion that some people have a higher moral authority on NIDS than he does.

OPM has since released the full 8-minute exchange on its Facebook page.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office says the shortened video, which was widely shared over the weekend, was doctored to bring the office into disrepute.

Opposition Spokesman on Youth, Senator Damion Crawford, released a statement saying the Prime Minister should apologize to Mr. Thomas, as well as another young man who asked a question at the forum.

This was part of the question from Dr. Thomas.

The Prime Minister responded with these points.

A seemingly impassioned Mr. Holness went on to say he’s not hiding from consultation.

Over the weekend, Senator Crawford said on his Facebook page, that after reviewing the full video, he still believes the Prime Minister was disrespectful and should apologize. He says, had he been referring to the shortened video, he would have concluded that Mr. Holness has gone crazy.

The edited video appears to have been taken down. The OPM Live town hall meeting took place at Jamaica College last Wednesday.


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