Opposition Accuses Govt of Neglecting Cane Farmers

Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips is accusing the government of neglecting the plight of some of the island’s cane farmers.

Dr. Phillips made the accusation after a recent meeting with cane farmers in Westmoreland.

Dr. Phillips is calling for more resources to be allocated to the cane expansion fund.

Dr. Phillips says the entire operations of the cane expansion fund should be revisited.

He’s also calling for provisions to be made for better marketing of sugar farmers and space reserved for them on the domestic market.

Last week, Industry Minister, Karl Samuda said the government will be seeking to recover millions of dollars it recently pumped into the Monymusk and Long Pond sugar factories to prevent them from shutting down.

Mr. Samuda told parliament that Monymusk is not a viable investment for the government.

He says the factory is operating at 20-percent its capacity and will take five years before the damaged cane fields are restored.

However, Minister Samuda says the government will seek to put the necessary conditions in place to encourage private sector investment in the sugar industry.

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