Opposition Accuses Senate President of Abuse of Powers

The Opposition’s continued participation in the CCJ debate which is scheduled to resume tomorrow is uncertain.

Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Tom Tavares Finson, has written to President Floyd Morris insisting that he address issues concerning the abuse of his powers.

Senator Tavares-Finson told Senator Morris that the Opposition members are extremely disappointed at the manner in which he has addressed issues concerning his unjustified treatment of Senator Malahoo Forte.

He wrote that there is no authority which gives the President the power to require a member to hand over a document that is in their possession.

Tavares Finson told the Senate President that his move to demand the Privy Council letter from Senator Malahoo Forte was therefore an egregious error.

He also told the Senate President that he stepped far outside his authority in dispatching the Marshall to secure the Senator’s return to the Chamber.

Senator Tavares-Finson quoted the standing orders which indicate that the Senate President may issue an invitation but does not have the authority to compel or force a member who is outside of the chamber to return.

He wrote that Senator Morris should reflect on the issues raised regarding his violation of his powers and advise the Opposition of his response.