Opposition Blasts Committee Decision Against Hearing SOE Detainees

The Opposition caucus of the Internal and External Affairs Committee of Parliament are up in arms after the government majority voted against their calls to have detainees under the State of Public Emergency in St. James and their families appear before the parliamentary committee.

South East St. Ann MP Lisa Hanna, made the call during yesterday’s committee proceedings.

Her call follows a report from Public Defender, Arlene Harrison-Henry, outlining the inhumane conditions under which detainees are being held.

However, government members felt there was no need to go that route after already hearing the testimony of the Public Defender.

North East St. Catherine, MP Leslie Campbell, says he’s not certain what would be gained from such an enquiry.

But, Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting, says he’s appalled the government would deny the people an opportunity to appear before their own Parliament.

After the vote, Ms. Hanna said she was saddened by the conduct of the government members.


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