Opposition Insists ZOSO Is NOT the Answer to Crime


The Zones of Special Operations legislation cannot solve Jamaica’s crime problem.

That’s according to the PNP’s standard bearer for South St. Andrew, Mark Golding. He was officially elected chairman for the constituency at its conference last night.

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He says in order for the country to deal effectively with crime, more focus must be placed on individuals who’ve been through the education system but aren’t contributing to society.

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Mark Golding was speaking at the constituency’s annual conference, last night. It was held at the constituency’s headquarters in Arnett Gardens.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition PNP, Dr. Peter Phillips is calling on the Andrew Holness Administration not to use the new Zones of Special Operations as a political ploy to ‘put pressure’ on communities.

Dr. Phillips says the new law shouldn’t be used to hand out favours to persons in communities that are politically affiliated with the government.

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7 thoughts on “Opposition Insists ZOSO Is NOT the Answer to Crime

    1. JAY

      Mark have now been completed Orangeade… these people sick sick… This is a Jamaica issue. But the opposition don’t want this to be successful.

      1. Mario James

        Your memories are short. A similar tactic was used by the PNP in 2004. It did not work. That’s how they know this won’t work.

        1. JAY

          Mario James.. did they also set out to implement the necessary social interventions, similarly as this one is intended on doing? We are trying to get a full understanding of what was tried back in 2004; as you stated this is nothing new.

  1. JAY

    Mark Golding I thought you had sense… But you have me thinking now…Mary are you now fully brain washed, given that you will be representing a PNP Garrison? Look how many times it is stated that the ZONEs is ONLY a suite of things to be done. and the ZONE was/is NOT the only initiative, as well all know that this alone will not cut the crime.

  2. chikV2Ebola

    Crime and violence went through the roof under the PNP over the many years they were the government with no end in sight. It is quite refreshing that this government is taking a different approach in tackling this crime monster. the Peters should sit back relax and enjoy their time in permanent opposition.

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