Opposition Lambasts ‘Unacceptable’ 2019/2020 Education Budget

The People’s National Party is describing as unacceptable the Education Budget put forward by the government for the 2019/2020 fiscal year.

The Education Ministry is budgeted to spend just over $110-billion for the next fiscal year up from $105-billion. However, Opposition Spokesman on Education, Reverend Ronald Thwaites, says this is unsatisfactory.

The former Education Minister says what’s been put forward as the Education and Training budget for the next fiscal year is actually less than the current year once inflation is factored in.

Reverend Thwaites says crime and our low economic outturn can both be linked to poor spending on education. He also says information provided on the expected budgetary allocations for the next two fiscal years shows very low investment in the sector.

Reverend Thwaites says over $40-billion in additional revenue was taken from Jamaican taxpayers this fiscal year. He says an increase in the education spend of no less than 15-per cent would have been anticipated considering the record revenues collected by the government.


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