Opposition Lashes Out Against Tax Reductions

The Opposition PNP says the property tax reductions announced by Finance Minister Audley Shaw demonstrates a new low in the nation’s governance.

In a statement yesterday the PNP says even with the proposed reductions, some Jamaicans are still facing increases of over 300-percent.

They describe the possible relief being suggested by the Finance Minister as farcical.

The PNP says such relief applications must be submitted along with a payment of at least 75 percent of the current property tax rate.

They say several Jamaicans will still find that their income and pension cheques are a fraction of what they’re being asked to pay.

The PNP is calling on the government to suspend the imposition of the new property tax rate and Immediately convene the Taxes Committee of Parliament.

It says this must be done to review the proposal and undertake a tax incidence study with the findings shared in Parliament.

The PNP says failure to agree to these proposals confirms that the government is without conscience.