Opposition Leader Stands by Chinese Highway Land Deal

Opposition Leader. Dr. Peter Phillips, says the land acquired from the Urban Development Corporation, UDC, provided to the Chinese as part of the multi-million-US-dollar deal to develop the North-South segment of Highway two-thousand is valued at USD$44-Million or nearly JMD$6-billion.

Speaking at his office in St. Andrew today, Dr. Phillips, says a valuation of the land was done at the behest of the then Chairman of the UDC KD. Knight.

Last week CEO of the National Road Operating and Constructing Company, NROCC, Ivan Anderson told in a Parliamentary committee that 1,200 acres of state lands being given to Chinese Investors under the deal were not valuated.

He says up to the time his government left office negotiations to compensate the UDC had not been completed.

In 2012 then Contractor General, Greg Christie, raised concerns about the project.

However, Dr. Phillips is standing by the deal which he maintains will be viable in the long term.