Opposition MPs Pepper Montague Over JCF Used Car Fiasco


National Security Minister, Robert Montague, says taxpayers money has in no way been put at risk by the bungled contract to provide two-hundred used-vehicles to the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF.

He gave the assurance in addressing the House of Representatives this afternoon.

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The Minister was responding to concerns raised that of the 200 vehicles only 30 have been delivered to the JCF. Another 66 remain on the wharf awaiting clearance.

Months after the contract was to be completed.

He says a performance bond of $42-million provided by the supplier of the used cars, Obrien’s International, has been called upon to cover any taxes associated with the vehicles.

Minister Montague in anticipation of a possible court action by the supplier, says his ministry took every possible action to ensure that the government adhered to the contract.

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He also says the government is giving priority to having the 66 vehicles, still at the wharf, provided to the JCF as quickly as possible.

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And Opposition Members of Parliament berated the National Security Minister for his handling of the contract to provide used vehicles to the JCF.

Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, says the government should move to rescind the contract and let the courts settle the matter.

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MP for Central Manchester, Peter Bunting, called the whole process ill-conceived.

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MP for North Clarendon, Horace Dalley, says the Minister should’ve apologized to the people of Jamaica.

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