Opposition Raises More Concerns About Ailing Cornwall Regional


Opposition Spokesman on Health Dr Dayton Campbell is again raising concerns about the ailing Cornwall Regional Hospital in St James.

The facility was toured yesterday by the Opposition Leader, Dr Peter Phillips and his team.

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Dr Campbell says dialysis treatment, which was recently outsourced, comes at a major cost.

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Meanwhile, Health Minister, Dr Christopher Tufton, says he explained to the Opposition, as best as he could, the government’s plans for the hospital.

However, he contends they may not have been listening while he detailed the plans.

The Health Minister also admits the changes aren’t ideal but suggests that progress is being made.

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Meanwhile, Dr Campbell says the Health Minister invited himself to a tour of the Cornwall Regional Hospital put on by Opposition Leader, Dr Peter Phillips.

The tour comes on the heels of a major relocation of critical services from the type A facility to the Falmouth Hospital and other facilities.

The relocation exercise was occasioned by poor air quality issues that have been plaguing Cornwall Regional.

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When asked, Dr Tufton confirmed he wasn’t formally invited to be a part of the Opposition’s tour.

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The Health Minister also attempted to explain his reasons for gatecrashing the Opposition’s tour of the ailing facility.

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