Orette Fisher Strikes Back!

Former Director of Elections Orette Fisher, is warning the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) make public is complaints about political interference, or he will.

Mr. Fisher is pushing back at the Commission after they released a statement dismissing his reported allegations of political interference in the operations of the Electoral Office, EOJ.

Mr. Fisher says he maintains his position and has documented the specific incidents and perpetrators to the Commission. But he says they’ve failed to acknowledge that.

The embattled Mr. Fisher says he’s written the ECJ on several occasions about political influence in elections.

He says parts of the media got it wrong when they’d reported him as complaining of the more troubling offence of ‘political interference’. He says he’s also documented that to the Commission. He outlined an example of what he was referring to.

Mr. Fisher says the Commission agreed to meet him only once about his claims. But Mr. Fisher says he’s the only one who turned up at that meeting, and it wasn’t rescheduled.

Nationwide News asked Mr. Fisher to name the persons he’s accusing of political influence in elections, and whether they are on the board of the ECJ.

He says he raised the issue after noticing an uncomfortable trend.

Mr. Fisher says he feels someone at the ECJ, found no favor with him.

The ECJ posted an advertisement for the vacant post of Director of Elections, in the Sunday newspapers.

In that post, the ECJ also stated that it met with the team of senior staff members at the EOJ, all of whom confirmed that they were not aware of any political interference affecting its functions or its operations.

In a letter to the Gleaner Editor, Mr. Fisher says he finds the ECJ disingenuous, saying it’s alleging he made unsubstantiated statements.


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