Over 20 Families Left Homeless by King St Fire

Over twenty families were left homeless, after a fire destroyed several properties on King Street and Chancery Lane in downtown, Kingston, yesterday.

Superintendent Horace Lumley of the Kingston Central Police says the fire started on a derelict building on King Street about 3:00 yesterday afternoon.

The blaze then spread to properties on the nearby Chancery Lane, including a restaurant. He says the residents who called the derelict buildings home, barely saved anything. No one was injured or killed in the fire.

Cynthia Fritz is a resident who called the derelict building at 111 King Street, home.

Ms. Fritz says yesterday’s fire was the third to have occurred at the property she has called home for over a decade.

She says everything she owned got torched in the fire.

Firemen from the Jamaica Fire Brigade say it took five fire trucks and hours to extinguish the blaze.


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