PAJ President Re-Ignites Debate Over Media Complaints Council


The controversy over the Prime Minister’s comments is re-igniting debate over the need for an independent Media Complaints Council.

In his letter to the PAJ President yesterday, Director of Communications in the Office of the Prime Minister, Robert Morgan, noted that Mrs. Jackson Miller has supported the idea of establishing such a body.

Members of the public would be able to lodge complaints to it regarding media reports and related matters.

Those issues would be adjudicated by the Council.

Mrs. Jackson Miller says the PAJ is in ‘no position’ to assume the role of a Media Complaints Council.

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She says the PAJ does not have a constitutional mandate to carry out such a function.

Though it’s a matter which has been discussed for many years, she says there’s been ‘no progress’ on it.

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Mrs. Jackson Miller says advocating for a Media Complaints Council is not foremost on her agenda as PAJ President because of the position the MAJ has taken.


One thought on “PAJ President Re-Ignites Debate Over Media Complaints Council

  1. QC

    It is called a paraphrase that expressed the substance of what the Prime Minister stated. This attempt to create an unfair scenario is just a melodramatic hissy fit.

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