PAJ President Side Steps Gleaner-Holness Controversy


President of the Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) Dionne Jackson Miller, says she’ll not comment on a recent report in the Gleaner newspaper which is generating controversy.

The report, published last Friday, has been dismissed by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) as ‘unfair’ and ‘misleading’.

It was entitled, “Not You, Madam! – I Am Answerable To The Contractor General, Prime Minister Tells Political Ombudsman”.

It stated that Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, told the Political Ombudsman that he’s not accountable to her where government contracts are concerned.

The story stemmed from questions Mrs. Jackson Miller asked Mr. Holness at a press conference last Thursday at Jamaica House.

OPM yesterday released an open letter calling on Mrs. Jackson Miller to ‘clarify’ the story about Mr. Holness’s comments.

OPM yesterday called on Mrs. Jackson Miller to respond, citing her capacity as a leading member of the RJR/Gleaner Communication Group, President of the PAJ and lawyer.

But in an interview this morning on Cliff Hughes Online, Mrs. Jackson Miller said she’ll not say anything regarding whether the report is fair or not.

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She doesn’t believe she should be asked to ‘clarify’ anything about the report.

Though it stemmed from her questions to Mr. Holness, she says that in no way puts her at the centre of the story or the controversy that’s developed.

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Mrs. Jackson Miller notes that she did not write the story. Nor did she have any input in its editing.

OPM maintains that the Gleaner report is unfair as it ascribed to the Prime Minister words he never said.

Mrs. Jackson Miller says OPM should write the Editors of the Gleaner about the matter.

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In the meantime, Mrs. Jackson Miller has also responded to the letter sent to her yesterday by the Director of Communications in the Office of the Prime Minister, Robert Morgan.

In her letter to Mr. Morgan, she tells him she’s puzzled and astonished that he’s asked her to intervene in the matter.

As it concerns her capacity as a lawyer, Mrs. Jackson Miller says if Mr. Morgan feels there are legal issues, he should take those up with the legal counsel of the RJR/Communication Group. She says that’s not her. She says she has no idea why Mr. Morgan felt it necessary to mention the fact that she’s a lawyer.