‘Parliamentarians Deserve Better’ – Pickersgill Calls For Increase In MPs Salaries, Doubling Of CDF


North West St. Catherine Member of Parliament, Robert Pickersgill, is calling for an increase in the Constituency Development Fund, CDF.

Mr. Pickersgill says the amount currently allocated to MPs to work on projects in their constituencies should be doubled.

In the meantime, Mr. Pickersgill is also calling for an increase in the salary for MPs.

Mr. Pickersgill says for far too long the issue has not been addressed.

He used an anecdote to describe what he says is the financial struggle faced by MPs.

Mr. Pickersgill says he expects opposition to his call.

Pickersgill says for too long there has been discussion about an increase in the benefits MPs receive with no action.

Robert Pickersgill, North West St. Catherine MP.

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