PATH Beneficiaries to Benefit from Special Electricity Bill Tariff

Persons on the Programme of Advancement through Health and Education, PATH, will be benefiting from a special tariff on their electricity bills.

That’s according to the Office of Utilities Regulation, OUR.

The OUR says it has approved a Community Renewal Rate to charge for residential service for PATH beneficiaries.

It says this will be a flat rate of $9.59 per kilowatt hour for consumption of up to 150-kilowatt hours.

Customers consuming more than 150-kilowatt hours per month will pay the regular prepaid or post-paid rate, for consumption above the 150 mark.

Meanwhile, light bills are going down by about two-percent.

The OUR recently reviewed a request from the JPS for a rate increase. The JPS was asking for a three-percent rate increase. However, Public Education Specialist at the OUR, Elizabeth Bennett-Marsh, says the agency decided against this.