Paul Burke Refuses to be Scapegoat for PNP Election Loss


Nationwide News understands that moves being made to have embattled PNP General Secretary Paul Burke face a no-confidence motion at the next meeting of the PNP’s powerful National Executive Council, NEC.

This as discord in the PNP is intensifying as the party continues to reel from its bruising General Election defeat.

Mr. Burke has responded to growing calls for him to be booted from office, by saying he will not accept full blame for the defeat.

Burke made the proclamation in a defiant letter sent to several high ranking members of the PNP and candidates who contested the 2016 General Election.

The letter has been obtained by Nationwide News. Paul Burke says to blame him alone would be deceptive.

Since the PNP lost the election, comrades having have been calling for an urgent meeting of the party’s National Executive Council so they can scrutinize the stewardship of Paul Burke.

Some comrades are also blaming PNP President, Portia Simpson Miller for making a bad choice, when she hand picked Burke to lead the PNP secretariat.

Since election night, Mrs. Simpson Miller has remained silent. But Paul Burke is defending himself.

In his letter sent to senior members of the PNP, Burke said he’s willing to pay the price for the election loss.

But he struck a defiant note, stating, “I will not accept all or full responsibility for our electoral loss.”

Mr. Burke said he should not be asked to take all the blame, as the party’s election campaign was based on consultation.

He told members of the PNP “…if it makes you feel good – blame me.” Burke said he has high praise for the part played by Mrs. Simpson Miller and PNP Campaign Director Dr. Peter Phillips in the election campaign.

But he said it would be deceptive to blame him for the defeat

Burke told comrades he’s aware of debate concerning his future and he will disclose to the party seven or more documents that he believes the Party membership must be informed of, in order to have a dispassionate and objective assessment of his tenure.

This week our news center obtained audio of an angry member of the PNP’s powerful NEC calling for Burke to step aside.

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Our sources in the PNP say Burke will most likely face a no-confidence motion at the next meeting of the PNP’s NEC.

That meeting is set to take place at the end of March,

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  1. Free Jamaica

    I am thinking that if they had handled the “HolnessHouseGate” differently and if there was a debate the outcome might have been different. However there are too many people in Jamaica who cannot understand the Macro economics stuff and are able to realize that the country was really making strides in the right direction and that part has to be handled first before the people will really feel and see the progress. Unfortunately that portion of the population is so large and that is the portion the 1.5m applies to mostly.

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