Paulwell Intervened In Petrojam’s Pricing Committee, PAC Told


Former Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell intervened in the activities of Petrojam’s pricing committee at least once during his tenure.

The information came to light during today’s sitting of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee.

Petrojam General Manager Winston Watson says after a hurricane in the United States caused the shutdown of several refineries, oil prices were set to go up substantially.

He says at the time, Minister Paulwell and the board called on Petrojam to hold the price of oil.

However, Mr Watson says he believes Minister Paulwell also announced the move publicly as well.

This contrasts with decisions allegedly taken by Petrojam’s former general manager, Floyd Grindley, who’s been accused of unilaterally ordering a two dollar price cut in gas prices, against the wishes of the pricing committee.

No documentation has been found to support Grindley’s decision or whether or not he was directed to do so.

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