Paulwell Opposed to Energy Ministry P.S. Probing PetroJam

Opposition Spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell, is also taking issue with the government’s decision to choose Permanent Secretary in the Energy Ministry, Hillary Alexander, to deliver a report on issues at Petrojam.

He says Mrs Alexander should be telling the country what she knew and when she knew of the many reported breaches, instead of investigating them.

He’s also warning the newly installed board of Petrojam that it will have to get up to speed quickly to ensure the business of the state-owned oil refinery doesn’t suffer further. He was speaking yesterday afternoon with Nationwide News.

In a statement yesterday, the government says Mrs. Alexander is to report to the next sitting of Cabinet on issues of specific reference to allegations in the public domain.

But Mr. Phillips says he believes the decision by the government is inappropriate.

Mr. Paulwell says the government should have used a more transparent mechanism. Issues at Petrojam are being investigated by the Auditor General’s Department.

Mr. Paulwell says the government shouldn’t preempt those investigations.

Meanwhile, Mr. Paulwell says the new board should ensure the company quickly implements plans to expand and upgrade its facilities.

Dr. Perceval Bahado Singh, Harold Malcolm and Richard Creary resigned as the Jamaican representatives on the board on Monday.

Prominent businessman, Paul Hoo, has been appointed as the new Chairman of the board.

Two former Vice Presidents of Scotia Bank, Wayne Powell and Rosie Pilner, are the other Jamaican representatives on the board.

Mr. Paulwell says Petrojam could potentially lose up to half of it’s business with one of it’s biggest clients, the Jamaica Public Service Company.


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