Paulwell Unapologetic About Position Taken on NESOL MD

Shadow Minister on Energy Phillip Paulwell is adamant that he’ll not apologize for statements made last evening about the head of NESOL, Mrs Carolyn Warren.

He told Nationwide News while he is inclined to apologize to Mrs Warren’s family he’s not sorry for what he said about her needing to declare her past drug conviction.

Some critics are however contending that raising this issue almost 25 years later will only backfire on Mr. Paulwell.

Already, persons have been coming out highlighting a number of controversies that have attended the former Cabinet Minister’s political career.

It was an unapologetic Phillip Paulwell who called in to Cliff Hughes Online this morning with Mark Wignall.

Nationwide News made several attempts at reaching the one-time Energy Minister Thursday evening to no avail for a comment on his calls for the sacking of Mrs Warren.

He deemed Mrs Warren’s selection a concern by referencing a drug conviction she received some 25 years ago for which she served a three year suspended sentence. He insists this was a gross dereliction of duty by Dr Andrew Wheatley requiring his termination by not knowing of Mrs Warren’s conviction prior to her being hired to the government entity.

Mrs Warren fired back at the East Kingston and Port Royal MP on the programme this morning.

She confessed that despite a drug conviction almost three decades ago, she has turned her life around for the better, contributing to nation building and youth empowerment.

Mr Paulwell says as an attorney and human rights advocate he is all for rehabilitation and in no way intended to attack her person but instead a system.

When asked if he was seeking to score political points by bringing up Mrs Warren’s past conviction of over 20 years he denied knowing how recent the conviction was.


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