PDVSA Attorney Unaware Of Lawsuit Against GoJ


A lawyer representing PDVSA, Queen’s Counsel, Michael Hylton, says he has no knowledge of a lawsuit being filed on the Venezuelan company’s behalf against the government of Jamaica.

His statement follows a newspaper report today claiming that the government has been sued by PDVSA over it’s expropriation of it’s 49% stake in the Petrojam oil refinery.

However, Mr. Hylton says PDVSA does remain an interested party regarding the shares.

Chevon Campbell reports.

Mr. Hylton told Nationwide News he’s uncertain which if any legal avenue will be taken by his client.

It was also reported that the government has been warned to refrain from selling the shares PDVSA held in Petrojam.

It’s alleged that PDVSA said it cannot maintain any arrangements with the government of President Nicolas Maduro, whose legitimacy as Venezuela’s leader is disputed.

However, Mr. Hylton says he’s also unaware of this warning being issued.

PDVSA’s shares in Petrojam were acquired by the government earlier this year with payment due to it held in escrow.

According to Prime Minister Holness, the escrow came about due to difficulties arising from US sanctions against the Maduro Government.

The Government of Nicolas Maduro has been in turmoil since 2016 following a collapse of world oil prices.

Several countries including Jamaica earlier this year decided not to recognize the current tenure of Maduro’s presidency.

This was followed by Venezuela’s National Assembly representative, Juan Guaido, declaring himself the interim President.

His position has been recognized by the US and Canada, among some 50 other countries.

However, Jamaica has not formerly recognized him as the leader of the Bolivaran Republic.’

Not Suprised

Foreign Affairs Minister, Kamina Johnson Smith, says the Government of Jamaica is not surprised that Venezuela has written to Jamaican authorities in relation to the share takeover.

Minister Johnson Smith says it was anticipated that there’d be communication from Venezuela.

She says in fact the Government anticipated that various Venezuelan interests may make several claims in connection with the share takeover.

Minister Johnson Smith says reports that communication has been sent to the Government of Jamaica on behalf of PDVSA is not a surprise.

The Foreign Affairs Minister says additionally the communication has not created any contention.

Minister Johnson Smith says the share taker over by the Government of Jamaica is complete and as such Jamaica currently owns 1-hundred percent stake in Petrojam.

The Foreign Affairs Minister says the fact that there are different views emerging from Venezuela on which stakeholder in Venezuela may make a claim in relation to the compulsory share acquisition is also not a surprise.

The Foreign Affairs Minister made the comments on twitter today.

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