PFA Imposes Spectator Ban on Harbour View vs Tivoli Rescheduled Game

No spectators will be allowed in today’s rescheduled match between Harbour View and Tivoli, at the Harbour View stadium.

The Professional Football Association of Jamaica made the ruling to play the remaining 22-minutes of the match behind closed doors after unruly fans threw missiles on the field during the original fixture on February 7.

At the time, Harbour View were leading 2-nil, with Tivoli down to 9-players.

The association also stipulate several other conditions under which the game will continue, including the match shall recommence with the same players on the pitch and substitutes available.

No additional substitutes may be added to the list of players on the team sheet.

The teams can make only the number of substitutions to which they were still entitled when the match was abandoned.

Players sent off during the abandoned match cannot be replaced. And any sanctions imposed before the match was abandoned remain valid for the remainder of the match.