Phillips Blasts Govt as ‘Disgraceful’ for Posture Toward Venezuela

Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, is describing the government’s posture towards Venezuela as a stain on Jamaica’s standing on the international stage.

He says the government is abandoning a long-time ally.

He was speaking in the House of Representatives yesterday in response to the government’s plan to unilaterally retake Venezuela’s 49-per cent stake in Petrojam. He’s also responding to the government’s support of an Organization of American States, OAS, resolution not to recognize Nicolas Maduro as President of Venezuela.

Dr.Phillips says the government’s decision to unilaterally retake Venezuela’s shares in Petrojam is a risky course of action.

Dr. Phillips is also questioning why the announcement for the unilateral action was made before the legislation to retake the shares was ready. He says the government should abandon its intended course of action.


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