Phillips Brands ZOSO a Govt Publicity Stunt


Leader of the Opposition PNP, Dr. Peter Phillips, says the Zones of Special Operations is a public relations stunt by the government.

According to him, the JLP-government doesn’t have a credible crime plan.

He made the remark at the PNP’s Annual Regional Executive Council Meeting for Region 2 at the Annotto Bay High School, in St. Mary, yesterday.

Dr. Phillips blasted the government for not yet declaring a zone of special operations, despite rising crime in the country. He says the government is using Parliament as part of the deception.

Dr. Phillips says when compared to last year, murders are up 25-percent. He says that amounts to almost 2-hundred more murders than the highest tally recorded in the last term of the PNP government from 2012-2016.

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He says the Holness administration rushed the Special Zones law through Parliament as a ‘face card’ meant to give a certain impression.

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Dr. Phillips says the government is yet to present a credible or sustainable plan to deal with what he calls the crisis situation of crime in Jamaica.

And they’re using Parliament as a public relations tool. He says although the PNP had some objections, the party supported the legislation when it was brought to the House of Representatives.

He says that’s because the party acknowledges the crime problem. But he says the JLP has politicised crime and is failing to deliver since forming the new government.