Phillips Dismisses Budget as ‘Distortion of Reality’

Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, has dismissed the budget of Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke, as not addressing the real story of the Jamaican people.

Dr. Phillips was making his contribution to the budget debate in the House of Representatives this afternoon. Dr. Phillips had choice words to describe the Finance Minister’s maiden budget presentation. He likens it to a novel, a distortion of reality.

The Opposition Leader charged that the $14-billion tax break package is a discount for friends and family and not a benefit to be shared by all Jamaicans.

Dr. Phillips says the budget shows a lack of understanding of the hardships faced by Jamaicans and a mismanagement of the fiscal space won off their sacrifices.

The Opposition Leader says the official narrative of the Finance Minister clashes with the reality of the ordinary Jamaican.

He says the government is reaping the rewards and mismanaging years of hard work of the previous administration which brought Jamaica to this point.

And, Dr. Peter Phillips accused the government of mismanaging the affairs of the country. He says this is evident in its implementation of the road works in the Corporate Area.

The Opposition Leader was speaking during his contribution to the budget debate this afternoon. He says the government did not do its due diligence when implementing the needed road works.

Dr. Phillips contrasted this with what he sees as the smooth implementation of the construction of the Portmore leg of Highway 2000 under the previous administration.


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