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Phillips Moves To Temper Party’s Position On Corruption At RADA

More in this report from Tyrone Reid.

The Opposition Leader is again attempting to temper the PNP’s strident position on allegations of massive corruption at the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, RADA, it leveled against the Holness administration.

Dr. Phillips says the PNP didn’t say the government spent the entire $1.6 billion revealed by him on the alleged RADA bushing programme.

The PNP President raised the matter again at the party’s NEC meeting in Trelawny, yesterday.

Dr Phillips says the PNP never said the government spent all of the $1.6 billion on its alleged RADA Farm Roads Rehabilitation Programme.

But, this was what Dr Fenton Ferguson said while standing beside Dr Phillips at the media briefing last week.

And, Dr Phillips himself said this about the matter.

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