Phillips Outlines Raft of Educational Reforms


Opposition Leader and President of the People’s National Party (PNP), Dr. Peter Phillips, is vowing to revise the student loan system and start a scholarship for the first in each family to attend university.

Those are among several educational reforms he says his party will take if elected. He was addressing the party’s 80th Annual Conference in Kingston on Sunday.

Party President Dr Peter Phillips told PNP members he’ll be making access to tertiary education easier if they win the next general election.

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He detailed a number of educational commitments which he says are part of his covenant with the people.

Among them, the need to end what he calls educational apartheid.

Dr. Phillips says the next PNP government will provide every student with at least one meal daily, adding children cannot learn if hungry.

The Opposition Leader also pledged to revisit the repayment cap on loans from the Student’s Loan Bureau.

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Additionally, he says his government will establish a Graduate Repayment Opportunity Work Program, GROW to help graduates repay their student loans.

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