Phillips Piles on More Criticism of Govt’s Crime Management

Leader of the Opposition People’s National Party, PNP, Dr. Peter Phillips, is chiding the government over its response to the soaring murder rate.

At his constituency conference last evening, Dr. Phillips accused the government of resisting calls for a combined national response to crime.

Despite the government’s anti crime ‘zones of special operations’ law, Dr. Phillips says there’s no plan to tackle the social ill.

In the meantime, Dr. Phillips is urging the government to announce the dates for the by-elections in South Western St. Andrew, St. Andrew Southern, and St. Mary South Eastern.

Dr. Phillips says securing wins in those seats, is the PNP’s immediate priority.

He’s also expressing confidence that Dr. Shane Alexis will win St. Mary South East.

Dr. Phillips was speaking Sunday evening at his East Central St. Andrew Annual Conference at Tarrant High School.