Phillips Takes Swipe at Bunting in Declaring Interest in PNP Presidency

Former Finance Minister and the Member of Parliament for East Central St. Andrew, Dr. Peter Phillips, has declared he still has an interest in leading the People’s National Party.

Amidst whispers in some quarters the 66 year old politician made his ambitions known to supporters last night at his constituency conference at Jacisera Park.

Dr. Phillips addressed his East Central St. Andrew constituency conference last night and declared that he will, for a third time, vie to become PNP President.

The former Finance and Planning Minister has made two unsuccessful attempts at leading the party in recent years.

Dr. Phillips told supporters last night he will only offer himself for leadership after the sitting President steps aside.

Earlier this year Central Manchester MP and former National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, indicated he had an interest in leading the PNP.

At that time Bunting said his decision not to challenge Simpson Miller was partly influenced by a request from the PNP officer corps.

But, Dr. Phillips commented that while he and others are not bankers or owners of capital the PNP is their only inheritance.

This is being interpreted as a swipe at Bunting and his ally, Mark Golding, both of whom are bankers and rich men.

Earlier this year, Peter Bunting told delegates that the PNP has to be renewed urgently.

He pointed to the party’s appraisal report which highlighted a flawed campaign as the main reason for its February 25 election defeat.

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