Phillips:: Uncertainty Surrounds West Kingston Enquiry Expenditure

There’s uncertainly this afternoon regarding the amount of money the government intends to spend on the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

On January 20, Justice Minister, Mark Golding said Cabinet had signed off on a budget of over 3-hundred-million dollars for the enquiry.

But addressing a Jamaica House media briefing today, Finance Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips said that figure is ‘not on a sound foundation’.

The Justice Minister said Cabinet has signed off on a budget of approximately 300-million-dollars for the enquiry, which would include fees for attorneys representing the security forces.

Today,  Dr. Phillips was asked to justify the administration’s plans to spend over 3-hundred million dollars on the Enquiry when various critical sectors are being under-funded.

Dr. Phillips said he does not know what the planned expenditure for the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry is.

The Finance Minister was told that the over 3-hundred-million dollar budget which he says is being ‘banded about’ was provided by the Justice Minister.

Dr. Phillips says Senator Golding was speaking to expenses which may arise and not a finalized budget.

Dr. Phillips defended the government’s plans to spend a significant amount on the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

Dr. Phillips says providing the necessary funding to the Enquiry is of paramount importance to Jamaica’s future.