Phillips Under Fire


PNP Vice President and North West Manchester MP, Mikhael Phillips, is coming under fire for warning that supporters of the governing JLP have to leave his constituency when he and his team hit the streets.

Phillips made the remarks while he addressed his constituency conference on the weekend.

The PNP Vice President has been reported to the political Ombudsman.

He’s also being chastised by the influential Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, PSOJ.

Chevon Campbell reports.

This is Mikhael Phillips, supported by gun lyrics by incarcerated dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel, addressing his constituency conference.

In a statement this afternoon, the PSOJ says the remarks by Phillips are disgusting, disrespectful and potentially dangerous.

The private sector group says similar adjectives are appropriate for condemning the recent description by PNP Deputy General Secretary, Basil Waite, of some JLP supporters as likkle nasty naygah.

The PSOJ says it has become obvious that certain members of the political directorate either make no connection between their own public behaviour and the resultant indiscipline, coarseness and disrespectful anti-social activities of some of their followers.

Or they do not in fact care about the consequences of their vitriolic words.
According to the PSOJ, the remarks by Waite and Phillips indicate clearly that the PNP is still training political dinosaurs.

The PSOJ says the unfortunate utterances by the two members of the PNP executive represent the most regressive and ignorant behaviour that Jamaica had hoped to discard on the rubbish heap of our dark and shameful political history.

According to the PSOJ, the behavior of Philips in particular, is extremely disappointing, given that he is a Vice President of his party.

And is someone who had expressed himself to be aware of the consequences of slack leadership in a society which is not anchored by established cultural strictures against violent outbursts and behavior .

PSOJ President, Howard Mitchell, says he’s once again cautioning the political directorate that Jamaica’s fragile investor confidence, which has recently shown growth and improvement, is not immune to the negative consequences of vile, arrogant and vulgar behaviour.

G2K Calls On Political Ombudsman To Sanction Phillips

The Political Ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown, is being called on to sanction Mikhael Phillips.

The call is coming from the young professional arm of the governing JLP, Generation 2000, G2K.

In a letter sent today to Mrs. Parchment Brown, G2K called for Phillips to be reigned in and reminded of his responsibility to be a representative for all constituents.

G2K says the comments by Mr. Phillips were violent in nature.

The organization says the remarks by the PNP Vice President is the latest in what appears to be a trend of aggressive and inappropriate remarks by PNP officials.

The young professional arm of the JLP sent a copy of its letter of complaint to several civil society leaders, including National Integrity Action Executive Director, Professor Trevor Munroe.

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