Phillips Urges Farmers to Embrace 21st Century Methods

Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips is calling for farmers to get more help to bring their methods into the 21st century.

Speaking at the Denbigh Agricultural Show on Sunday, Dr. Phillips say the country must do more to support the faithful farmers who have guaranteed the country’s food security for many years.

He says too many of our farms are using technology not of the 21st century, or even of the 20th century, but technology found in the 19th century, which relied on rain with no adequate irrigation systems.

And also, without advanced mechanical devices to plow the land.

He adds that too many farmers still operate without the marketing support that’s available to other farmers in other countries.

Dr. Phillips says the government must also find a replacement for the Rural Economic Development Initiative, REDI, to continue the development of micro and small farms.

He says he’s disappointed that REDI has ended and there’s no official word from the government about a replacement.