Pinnock Denies He’s Paid $14 Million Annually, Releases July Pay Slip


Embattled President of the Caribbean Maritime University, CMU, Professor Fritz Pinnock is rejecting reports in yesterday’s Sunday Gleaner that he’s paid more than the President of the University of the Technology, UTECH.

The article says Mr. Pinnock is paid $14 million annually, a sum that’s nearly $2 million more than the $12.1 million paid to the President of UTECH, Professor Stephen Vascianne.

It adds that the CMU President’s salary includes at least $140,000 monthly for transportation, rental allowance, and entertainment. 

However, Professor Pinnock, in a release to the media, is categorically rejecting this assertion.

He says the salary earned by the CMU President is just over $9 million per year.

According to Professor Pinnock, this was the salary that was being earned before the institution transitioned from the Caribbean Maritime Institute, CMI, to the CMU.

He says the maritime university is awaiting the approved salary establishment from the Education Ministry.

Professor Pinnock says there’s been no negotiated increase in his salary after each contract comes to an end since his tenure began at the institution.

He says all salary changes were in line with the government’s increases and increments.

To support his claim, the CMU President released his July pay slip which shows that his monthly salary was nearly $753,000.

Following total deductions of nearly $200,000, Mr. Pinnock’s net pay was just over $553,0000.

His motor vehicle benefits of over $11,000 per month weren’t added.

The President says he’s entitled to a fully maintained motor vehicle to be changed every three years with the option to purchase at book value, in-keeping with motor vehicles purchased for heads of State agencies.

Professor Pinnock says he’s only been assigned 2 vehicles during his 13 years at the institution.

The current vehicle he says was purchased over 5 years ago and is still in service.

Professor Pinnock also says he’s never made a claim for the housing allowance.

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