“Please Help Me Find My Son!” – Mother Calls For Help To Reunite With Her Baby


“Please help me find my son!”

This is the appeal from the 17-year-old mother of five-week old baby boy, Nyyear Frank, who was abducted on Rousseau Road, in St. Andrew on Sunday.

To protect the identity of the mother, who we’re referring to as Natalie.

She says she believes she was the victim of an elaborate ruse, set up to abduct, her son.

Natalie says she was lured into the plot by someone she considered a friend.

Natalie is appealing to people who abducted Nyyear to return him.

Natalie says she believes she was the victim of a premeditated plot to abduct her baby.

According to Natalie a friend introduced her to an older woman who had promised to provide items for the baby including clothes.

According to Natalie, only three people knew her whereabouts on the day Nyyear was taken.

One of those people, she says, is her friend.

Natalie says she fought for Nyyear as the men tried to make off with him.

Natalie is strongly denying speculation that the alleged abduction was staged to disguise a more sinister intent, the unlawful sale of her baby.

She says the relationship between herself and the child’s father has broken down since the incident.

William Mitchell for Nationwide News.

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