PM Holness Urges Community to be Kind to Slain Teen’s Mom

Amid the anger in the community over media reports surrounding Micholle’s killing, Prime Minister Andrew Holness is appealing for residents to be kind to her mother.

Prime Minister Holness says Micholle’s killing is a “sad” and “terrible tragedy”. He says he gets a sense that the ‘entire Jamaica’ is angry about it.

Mr. Holness told the media after his visit that he can’t comment on the motive for Micholle’s murder; steering clear of the claims made by residents this afternoon.

He says Micholle’s mother is clearly ‘distressed’.

He says he doesn’t want the community to be on one side and Micholle’s mother on another side. He says the government has intervened to secure Micholle’s family.

He says security will be provided so that Micholle’s mother and the rest of her family aren’t harmed. He says the government will relocate the family for as long as they want.

While condemning Micholle’s killing, Prime Minister Holness reiterated that the government is moving to implement its Zones of Special Operations to secure communities.

The Prime Minister also called on the community to dissociate itself from criminals.