PNP accuses the Finance Minister, of ‘bypassing’ the FSC in ‘handpicking’ new Financial Secretary.


The Opposition PNP is accusing the government of ‘not following due process’ in the hiring of Viralee Latibeaudiere as Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance.

Opposition Spokesman on the Public Sector and Public Sector Modernization, Lambert Brown, says it appears Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, ‘handpicked’ Ms. Latibeaudiere for the ‘very sensitive’ position.

The Public Service Commission, PSC, is the body in charge of making such appointments. Mr. Brown says by allegedly making the appointment Minister Shaw bypassed the PSC.



According to a report in the Gleaner newspaper yesterday, Mr. Shaw confirmed the appointment of Latibeaudiere before an announcement from PSC.

Minister Shaw was quoted in the newspaper as saying “yes, she will be,” when asked about her appointment.

He is further quoted as saying, “right now, there are some issues being sorted out with the Public Service Commission.”

Mr. Brown says he has a ‘grave concern’ over what he calls the growing trend of JLP administration bypassing proper procedures.



Lambert Brown speaking with Nationwide News, this afternoon. He’s calling on Mr. Shaw to refrain from compromising the independence of the constitutionally appointed PSC.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shaw has reportedly denied the Gleaner’s reports. In an emailed response to the RJR news centre, Minister Shaw said he made no announcement of an appointment.

Multiple calls today from our news centre to Mr. Shaw have gone unanswered.