PNP Admits its Members have St Lucia Companies


PNP Campaign Spokesman, Delano Franklyn, says it’s not unusual for Jamaicans to register companies in St. Lucia due to the favorable taxation climate in that island.

Mr. Franklyn this morning conceded that there are members of the PNP who have companies registered in St. Lucia.

Among them is the party’s former caretaker for Northern Trelawny, JP Whyte.

It’s alleged that Andrew Holness is a Director of a St. Lucian registered company, through which he bought the property on which he’s building a house in Beverly Hills, St. Andrew.

Mr. Franklyn says the PNP wants Mr. Holness to explain the reasoning behind a notation on the purchase document which says,”signed while on a visit to Jamaica”.

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AND .. Mr. Franklyn says the PNP remains committed to the ideals of transparency and removing any perception of corruption.

He told a media briefing today that he cannot say whether the PNP will publish documents confirming that it has returned a controversial donation it received from the Dutch firm Trafigura Beheer in 2006.

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16 thoughts on “PNP Admits its Members have St Lucia Companies

    1. Free Jamaica

      If it relates to the vendor why did Mr. holness not admit that the statement is on the form under his name but it applies to the vendor. However Mr. Holness lawyer stated yesterday that it is not unusual to have it written on the form

  1. Livi

    Typical PNP tactics. They can’t speak about achievement so every election cycle they attempt to use smear tactics which works with the uneducated Jamaican population.

  2. A.L.Smalling

    If Dr Phillips have an ounce of integrity left in him, he should resign both a finance minister and candidate for parliament with his political smear campaign.

  3. dmp7dmp7 .

    PNP Campaign Spinner, Delano Franklyn… you cannot say whether the PNP will publish documents confirming the return of Trafigura money… SO UNNU REALLY THINK JA BELONG TO UNNU …. the imbecilic hypocrisy is shameful and pathetic!! You all have been caught red handed with your deceptive low down dirty smear tactics. What a sad shame! Can’t even run a campaign without corruption and deception. BE REMINDED … You all are not getting away with these FINSAC questions. Set of Losers!

  4. Safia Seivwright

    My question to Mr. Holiness, how could he sign a document while visiting Jamaica, when he actually lives in Jamaica, and is the LEADER of the opposition…something is wrong here…

    1. Ricky Ricardo

      If you took off your orange shades for a minute, you’ll see clearly that it was not Mr. Holness who signed “while visiting Jamaica” but the VENDOR’S attorney. If you don’t understand who the “vendor” is, that’s the person selling the property, Mr. Holness is the “buyer”. Your obviously drinking from the orange fool aid jug.

          1. Free Jamaica

            No I could not say that. I was not present when the form was completed. I said it was under his name and signature as i heard in the news

    2. Cliff Vasseel

      Safia I use to watch your little program on tv in new york, and came to the conclusion that you are bias long time ago. Sefia Seivwright bsc.

  5. SETI

    The PainP has no idea what they are talking about- picking at straws and Holness has come out and answered all their concerns and also left a few questions for them to answer. Sticking to the issues is not their style as they have NO ISSUES , only running the country on a poverty mandate for their Poosha supporters while they live a life of the relaxed and wealthy , a life far different from the poor country they say we live in.

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