PNP Caretaker’s Tyres Slashed

The Police have reportedly launched an investigation into the circumstances in which the car tyres of embattled People’s National Party-candidate for Northern Trelawny, John Paul Whyte, were slashed today.

It’s understood that Mr. Whyte’s car tyres were slashed while he attended the opening of the renovated Burwood Beach in Trelawny today.

When contacted this afternoon, Mr. Whyte said he was in a meeting and unable to comment.

Mr. Whyte has been under pressure to step aside as the PNP’s candidate for North Trelawny.

PNP General General Secretary, Paul Burke, recently said the party’s decision to select Whyte as its candidate for North Trelawny is final.

But since Mr. Burke’s announcement comrades have mounted protests and called for incumbent MP, Patrick Atkinson or Damion Crawford be selected as the PNP’s candidate.

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