PNP Councillor to Stand Trial for Death of Theodore Whitmore’s Son

Councillor for the Salt Spring division in St James Municipal Corporation, the PNP’s Sylvan Reid, is to stand trial next week.

Councillor Reid is facing multiple charges in connection with the death of 14-year-old, Jouvhaine Whitmore.

Jouvhaine was the son of the national football coach, Theodore Whitmore.

The trial date was set when he appeared in the St James Circuit Court today.

The matter was then adjourned because of the absence of three witnesses.

The witnesses have been subpoenaed by Justice Vivienne Harris.

Police reports are that about 5:00 pm on Saturday, November 9, 2013, three men were seen leaving the scene of an accident at the intersection of Retirement and Tucker road in St. James.

Following the fatal accident, in which young Whitmore was reportedly hit from his bicycle, Councillor Reid reported to the police that his SUV was stolen.

However, an eyewitness who had visited the station told the police that Reid was one of the three men who was seen leaving the vehicle at the time of the accident.

The Councillor was then charged with causing death by dangerous driving, failing to report an accident, failing to stop at an accident scene and for having no insurance coverage.

Councillor Reid’s legal team is led by Queens Counsel KD Knight.


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    KD leave the man let him go pay. He is wicked. I have three children and I would need justice too. Let him pay.

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