PNP Dissolving Tensions in NE St Elizabeth following Run-Off

The Peoples’ National Party, PNP is moving to quickly dissolve tension among comrades in the North East St. Elizabeth constituency.

The tension has resulted from a contest between Everton Fisher and Basil Waite for the right to represent the PNP in the constituency in the next General Election.

Mr. Waite is the party’s Deputy General Secretary, while Mr. Fisher is a former Mayor of Black River.

PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson, says the secretariat has some work to do after Mr. Waite’s decisive victory yesterday.

Mr. Robinson says 849 of the 1,100 PNP delegates voted in yesterday’s candidate selection exercise.

The candidate selection exercise became necessary following the decision by the current MP for the constituency, the PNP’s, Evon Redman, not to seek re-election.

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