PNP Divided on Gordon-Webley

The MP for East Rural St. Andrew, Damion Crawford says he welcomes the move by former JLP politician, Joan Gordon Webley, in joining the PNP.

Mrs. Gordon Webley resigned from the JLP over a year ago, due to what she says were issues with the party’s leadership.

Her application for membership to the PNP was approved by the party’s Executive Committee on Monday.

Mr. Crawford beat Mrs. Gordon Webley by just over 200 votes in the 2011 general election in East Rural St. Andrew.

According to Mr. Crawford, other labourites should follow Mrs. Gordon Webley in making the switch.

Meanwhile Mr. Crawford refused to comment on reports that Mrs. Gordon Webley would be running against JLP Leader Andrew Holness in his West Central St. Andrew constituency.

And yet, not everyone in the PNP is reacting so favourably to the news of another JLP member crossing the political divide. Former President of the People’s National Party Youth Organization, PNPYO, Junior Rose, has taken to social media to criticize his party for overlooking those he calls “hardworking comrades,” in favor of former members of the JLP.

His comment appears to be in reference to the PNP’s announcement last night that it has approved a membership application from former JLP MP, Joan Gordon-Webley.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Junior Rose wrote, “I guess if u a no Laborite u no attractive to the PNP – hypocrisy..” .

He added, “mi seh mi waah run fi VP fi PNP and people act like I am committing a sin… but if mi did inna G2K and JLP the sky is the limit in the PNP. Shake mi head.”

Rose continued in a follow up comment to say, “Di PNP soldiers who toiled long and hard for many years are always overlooked in favor of the haves, the connected and the Labourite”

His post attracted a number of supporters sharing their own experience in the party.

One user, Mitchell-Spence Daliah says she worked for the party from age 15, holding several positions in the Youth Organization, the constituency and divisional levels.

But she claims she was later denied the opportunity to contest an election, as her application was denied.

She says a month after her application was rejected, a former JLP Mayor was accepted by the PNP and given a seat to contest.

One user, commented: “So true Junior Rose we work long an hard an laborites come get big position.”

But not all respondents supported Rose’s view.

One user commented ” Wrong response Junior. Wrong response. The PNP should always be open to all. We are a political organization. Our aim is to always be the preferred party, to win elections in order to form the government.”


One thought on “PNP Divided on Gordon-Webley

  1. Allan Douglas

    Why should Mrs. Joan Gordon-Webley, a former member of the
    JLP, not have the right in a democracy such as ours, to apply for membership in
    the PNP? It is surprising and in many respects alarming that there should be those
    who would be upset with her decision to want to continue to serve her country
    in another political party other than to that which she once belonged . It is
    equally alarming that members in the PNP would be upset with the decision of
    their party to grant her membership.

    I am sure that Mrs. Gordon-Webley can continue to serve
    Jamaica through the PNP and she should be encouraged and supported.

    It must, however, be very worrying to the presently very
    weak JLP that politicians of the caliber of Gordon-Webley and others have left
    their party to join their opponents in the PNP. Are JLP members not now asking
    themselves just what is it that they need to do to keep their supporters and
    members? And why isn’t there a commensurate number of worthwhile members of the
    PNP resigning and joining the JLP?

    The PNP, however, should be careful that members who with
    time, like in any political party, may become disgruntled and would want to
    resign, but having no credible alternative political party to join, remain and
    cause in-fighting, and resultant weakening of the party.
    We need strong, united and well lead political parties if
    the democracy we enjoy, and which we should guard jealously, is to survive.

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