PNP Labels Holness ‘Dictator in the Making’, following Judges Action

Chairman of the Opposition People’s National Party, PNP, Fitz Jackson is describing Prime Minister, Andrew Holness as a ‘dictator in the making’.

This in relation to Mr. Holness’ decision to appoint Justice Bryan Sykes to act as the country’s Chief Justice and asking him to prove himself before he’s appointed fully.

Mr. Jackson is likening the move to Prime Minister Holness’ use of pre-signed, undated resignation letters to boot Arthur Williams and Dr. Christopher Tufton from the Senate in 2013 when he was then Opposition Leader.

That move was ruled unlawful by the Constitutional Court in 2015.

Mr. Jackson is also calling on the Prime Minister to appoint Justice Sykes fully to the Chief Justice post.

Fitz Jackson, Chairman of the Opposition People’s National Party, speaking last evening with Nationwide News.


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