PNP Mum on Troupe Assistant’s Contradictions

People’s National Party General Secretary, Julian Robinson, is refusing to clarify apparent contradictions in a statement made by the Party and its Councilor, Michael Troupe, that a woman allegedly implicated in the massive cache of intercepted arms from Florida, had stopped working for Troupe 3 months ago.

Official documents reported on by by Nationwide News yesterday reveal that the name of the woman in question, Karima Hudson, was submitted on a list of names of persons to be paid by the St. James Municipal Corporation last month.

The cheque for the sum of $25,000 was collected on November 17, 2017.

The PNP in a release issued five days ago said that it understood the person named as the consignor, or the sender, is a former employee of Councillor Troupe.
The PNP statement also revealed it had been in touch with Councillor Troupe, who indicated that the person left his employment three months ago.

However when contacted today, Mr. Robinson wouldn’t clarify the matter. He told our news centre the police must conduct there own investigations.


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