‘PNP Never Makes Empty Promises’ – Simpson-Miller


Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller says the PNP should be returned to office because it has never made empty promises.

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Mrs. Simpson-Miller also criticized the JLP’s 10-point plan.

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Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister and PNP President addressing the launch of her party’s 2016 election manifesto at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston yesterday.

PNP Campaign Spokesman, Delano Franklyn, says the PNP is not willing to give a specific timeline for when it will fulfill its election manifesto promise to reduce income tax and GCT.

The PNP Campaign Spokesman says the governing party is also unable to say by how much it intends to reduce income tax.

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Mr. Franklyn says it would not be prudent at this time to disclose a specific timeline for reducing income tax and GCT.

According to Mr. Franklyn he recognizes that voters may be anxious to hear those details.

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Meanwhile, Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Audley Shaw, is scoffing at the refusal of the PNP to give a timeline to implement plans outlined in its manifesto to reduce income tax and GCT.

Mr. Shaw says should it be returned to office the JLP will by April implement its plan to remove income tax from persons earning $1.5-million or less.

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Mr. Shaw says he’s not surprised that the PNP had refused to give a commitment for their income tax and GCT plans.

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The Opposition Spokesman on Finance says it should be noted that the JLP had made good on its 2007 commitments to remove user fees from the health sector and tuition fees from the education system.

Shaw says Prime Minister Simpson Miller is not speaking the truth when she says the PNP has never broken a promise to the people of Jamaica.

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4 thoughts on “‘PNP Never Makes Empty Promises’ – Simpson-Miller

  1. chikV2Ebola

    “Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller says the PNP should be returned to office because it has never made empty promises.”

    Is the GCT removed from electricity bills as promised in 2011 madam PM?

    Where are the JEEP load of jobs promised in 2011?

    Is the Office Of The Contractor General strengthened as promised in 2011?

    Is crime under control as promised in 2011 ?

  2. prizm

    Is no wonder the imf program failed under your administration. You continue to make all these promises that you know you cannot fullfill.

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