PNP Retains Greater Portmore North


PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, is hailing his party’s victory in yesterday’s by-election in the Greater Portmore North Division as a sign of what he’s describing as the improving support for his party across the country.

He’s also suggesting it’s a critique of the government’s 2017/2018 budget.

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Having won yesterday’s by-election by more than one-thousand votes, the PNP’s Gary Nicholson will become the new Councilor for the Greater Portmore North Division in the Portmore Municipal Corporation.

It also means the PNP will retain control of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation with a 21-to-20 seat majority.

The preliminary results from yesterday’s by-election show that Mr. Nicholson increased the margin of victory over the JLP’s Ann Marie Lewis.

The Electoral Office of Jamaica says — according to the preliminary count — Mr. Nicholson received 2,105 votes.

Ms. Lewis polled 993. That’s a difference of approximately 1,100.

In the November 28 local government election last year, the margin of victory in the division was just over 700 votes.

Dr. Phillips says the victory is marvelous.

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And in a brief speech, Mr. Nicholson says the PNP’s team effort led to his victory.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Nicholson’s campaign manager and Member of Parliament for South St. Catherine, Fitz Jackson, is describing the victory as a referendum on the JLP-led government.

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The EOJ says voter turnout was 29-percent.

Mr. Jackson says though the voter turn out was low, the victory was still significant.

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